Hispanic Women of Springfield

Our Services


Our bilingual staff can interpret at your appointments. You can confidently communicate and learn what you need to know.


Navigating applications can be difficult. Let our team help you gather the correct instructions and documentation based on your needs. From school registrations to Medicaid applications, we’re here to guide you!


Prioritize your family’s and your health by allowing us to connect you with the right healthcare provider for you. Also attend our health clinics focused on a variety of health topics. And learn about our partnership with Nurse Practioner Yessica for your health needs

“The Latina spirit translates to every aspect of our lives, from beauty to work to family. We’re loving, we’re loud, and we are beautiful in our essence” 

Eva Longoria


Hispanic Women of Springfield



Located in Central Illinois, HWOS aims to celebrate Hispanic Heritage  through community outreach and cultural experiences. We offer a variety of services to our community to beeter assimilate into the comunnity so each member of the community can live  healthy  and thriving. 


Whether you’re curious about assitance, events, or even to collaborate, we’re here to answer any questions.